Child Care Subsidy rates from 12 July

Child Care Subsidy (CCS) rates are adjusted at the start of each financial year based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

The following rates will take effect from 12 July 2021:

Combined annual income

The amount of CCS a family can get depends on their combined annual income. 

CCS family income thresholds

Subsidy %

Up to $70,015


More than $70,015 to below $175,015

Decreasing to 50%

$175,015 to below $254,305


$254,305 to below $344,305

Decreasing to 20%

$344,305 to below $354,305


$354,305 or more


The current family income thresholds are available on our website.

Annual cap

Families earning more than $190,015 and under $354,305 will have a subsidy cap of $10,655 per year, per child. Families earning under $190,015 will not have their CCS capped.

The current annual cap is available on our website.

From July 2022, we’re removing the annual cap. Find out more about the removal of the annual cap.

Hourly rate cap

The maximum hourly rate we subsidise is based on the type of service you run. 

Service type

Hourly rate cap

(children below school age)

Hourly rate cap

(school-aged children)

Centre Based Day Care



Outside School Hours Care



Family Day Care


In Home Care (per family)


The current hourly rate caps are available on our website.